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3D Electron Beam Lithography for Biomedical Applications

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posted on 2015-10-21, 00:00 authored by Khodr Maamari
We have developed a new state of the art high aspect ratio 3D fabrication technique based on the electron-beam lithography system (EBL) available at the NCF UIC. This new 3D method has allowed us to fabricate structures with a resolution on the order of magnitude better than those available now in the market, such as 3D printers. The process requires a multiple parameter optimization, including exposure dose modulation, the number of the resist layers; thermal processing etc., and requires not only knowledge of electron beam interaction, electron backscattering, but also the understanding of physics and chemistry of the resist on the nanoscale. There are only a handful groups in the world that are capable of fabricating high aspect ratio 3D nanostructures with resolution on the order of few nanometer. Our new 3D approach paved the road for future research that requires high aspect ratio 3D nanostructures especially those aimed for biomedical applications.



Metlushko, Vitali


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Abiade, Jeremiah Stroscio, Michael Cho, Michael Indacochea, Ernesto

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