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Alignment of Literacy Tasks in College and University Transitional Classes

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posted on 17.02.2017, 00:00 authored by Molly McClennen
This qualitative case study provided insights into how the reading and writing done in transitional classes aligned with the reading and writing done in gateway classes at a university and a community college. The focus of the study was on how reading and writing were used in the classes. Instructors and administrators were interviewed about how they made sense of alignment. The study used a literacy alignment framework for categorizing the literacy tasks in each class. This instrument was evaluated for its usefulness. Students in three of the four classes were expected to do similar things with text, like make connections with and between texts and employ critical thinking skills through evaluating sources. The reading and writing done in the fourth class focused on summarization of ideas and recall of information. All instructors believed their students needed critical thinking skills and affective skills, like time management, goal-setting and confidence, if they were to succeed in college. The literacy alignment framework was useful in understanding the kinds of reading and writing done in the four classes, but only after it was revised to better reflect the objectives for the classes and how reading and writing were being used in the classes.



Shanahan, Timothy


Shanahan, Timothy


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University of Illinois at Chicago

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Shanahan, Cynthia Razfar, Aria Morales , P. Zitlali Armstrong, Sonya

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December 2016

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