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Assessment of Literature Review Teaching Methods in Periodontics Programs in North America

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posted on 2019-08-06, 00:00 authored by Reihaneh S Ghoreishi
Hypothesis: We first hypothesize that there is diversity of teaching methods and resources available for residents in periodontics programs through North America. Secondly, we want to discover the top articles listed by different periodontics program in order to unify of content for teaching in North America. Objective: To provide information regarding teaching methods and contents in order to prepare residents for ABP in every program. Methods: Part one: The initial survey was sent to the 63 Periodontics Department Program Directors of American and Canadian schools. Included was an 8-page questionnaire and blank flash drive to be used in transmitting detailed literature review subjects and articles. The responding schools were then categorized into five different regions: 1- East, 2- West, 3- Midwest, 4- South, 5- Canada. Reponses were given a numeric code with the identification of the school linked to the code stored separately to ensure program confidentiality. Part two: The original excel spread sheet was composed of 6 columns in order of article title, school number, region, institution’s choice of topics, and classification based on classic/ current/ or implant literature. In order to unify the referencing layout for all articles, the American Medical Association (AMA) format was used. Results: The results show no significant differences between selected regions with regards to teaching methodology of classical, contemporary, implant literature review courses. Formulated cross tabulation reveals different frequencies in individual responses. However, it clearly reveals significant differences in the contents of the courses. Conclusions: This research emphasizes the need to unify and comprehensively set forth a protocol in selecting the contents of literature reviewed for every resident at every level of their education. In addition, providing consolidated and comprehensive course contents can help every resident in national exam preparations.



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