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Care and Autonomy: Effects of Liberal Personal Care Policies on People with Physical Disabilities

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posted on 2017-11-01, 00:00 authored by Joel A Gouker
Liberal theory is often thought of as disabling citizens with disabilities in societies where its philosophies are dominant. However, Liberalism has inclusive potential for many minority groups, especially via the tenets of personal liberty and a diverse society. This holds true for people with disabilities as well, given the many similarities to the Independent Living paradigm. By comparing and contrasting the Medicaid home and community based service systems in Illinois and Wisconsin, the benefits of liberalism can be outlined in the current social policy environment. Liberalism may offer a framework for policy that maintains the motivations of people with disabilities for a pluralistic society while preserving and upholding their individual liberties.



Grossman, Brian R


Grossman, Brian R


Disability & Human Development

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University of Illinois at Chicago

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Parker Harris, Sarah Sandahl, Carrie

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August 2017

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