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Cellular Obstruction Clearance Of Proximal Ventricular Catheters Using Low-Voltage Joule Heating

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posted on 08.02.2018, 00:00 by Abhay V Sane
Cellular attachment and invasion is the primary source of obstruction in proximal ventricular catheters causing shunt malfunctions for hydrocephalus patients. The standard approach to treat such cases involves surgical intervention which unfortunately is accompanied by inherent risks and a likelihood of future malfunction. We present a methodology for obstruction clearance within a proximal ventricular catheter. Our proposed device contains a pair of luminal electrodes that generate heat by impedance or Joule heating whose volume of action is confined primarily within the lumen of the catheter as well as its ports where cellular build-up normally occurs. We show that the induced local heating can clear a cellular monolayer in a mock proximal ventricular catheter without harming cells located close to the exterior of the catheter. Using a combination of simulation studies and in-vitro benchtop experiments, we demonstrate the feasibility and establish preliminary work towards developing a prototype design of a non-invasive self-clearing ventricular catheter system.



Linninger, Andreas


Linninger, Andreas



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University of Illinois at Chicago

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Singh, Meenesh Caliskan, Vahe

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December 2017

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