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Clinical Efficacy of a Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing Digital Denture System

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posted on 2023-05-01, 00:00 authored by Stephen J Cox
The present study aims to test the clinical success of Ivoclar Ivotion Digital Denture Professional System. 8 completely edentulous subjects were enrolled for fabrication of maxillary and mandibular complete dentures. Both clinical success of the esthetics, fit, and function will be evaluated from both the patient and the provider standpoint. Further, the integritity and durability of the Ivotion denture material will be evaluated. The criteria set to be evaluated in this study includes: Clinical Evaluation: Mucosa in Contact with Denture Base, Clinical Evaluation: Subject Evaluation, Clinical Evaluation: Clinician Evaluation, Denture Base Evaluation: Surface Luster, Denture Base Evaluation: Surface Staining, Denture Base, Evaluation: Plaque Accumulation, Denture Base Evaluation: Cracks/Chips/Fractures, Denture Base Evaluation: Color Stability, Denture Tooth Evaluation: Surface Quality, Denture Tooth Evaluation: Cracks/Chips/Fractures, Denture Tooth – Base Interface: Adhesive/Cohesive Failure at Interface, Denture Tooth – Base Interface: Marginal Adaptation at Interface, Denture Tooth – Base Interface: Marginal Staining at Interface. Each category was ranked on a scale from 1, success, to 4, failure, in context of each category and measured at baseline, 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months. The present study will only analyze data collected at baseline and 6 months as the study is still underway for the 12 and 24 months follow up. Statistical significance was analyzed using the McNemar test and a descriptive analysis was completed for the proportions of success in each of the aforementioned criteria. Lastly, both the integration of digital dentistry into removable prosthodontics will be discussed, as well as the efficacy of the Ivoclar Ivotion Digital Denture System as a feasible alternative for digital denture fabrication.



Cooper, Lyndon


Al-Tarawneh, Sandra


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May 2023

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