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Comparing the Success of BiodentineTM vs. Ferric Sulfate in Primary Molar Pulpotomies

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posted on 27.11.2018, 00:00 by Myles Richard Clancy
Abstract: Purpose: To evaluate and compare the success of primary molar pulpotomies completed with BiodentineTM (BD) and Ferric Sulfate (FS). To make clinical practice recommendations for the use of pulpotomy agents in primary molars. Methods: Sixty participants, selected according to specifically designed inclusion and exclusion criteria, were recruited for this trial. Subject allocation into either the BD Group or FS Group was determined by a random digit table. Ten trained investigators completed the pulpotomies (30 BD and 30 FS), one per participant. All teeth were restored with stainless steel crowns. One trained and blinded examiner performed the assessments at 6 month recall intervals intended for up to 2 years. The data was recorded and analyzed for statistical difference using chi-square parametric test. Results: The male-female ratio was 1:1, age range was 3 to 9 years (average 5). According to the tooth type, 52% were first and 48% were second primary molars. Results at six month clinical evaluation of the pulpotomies, showed no difference between the two groups (P>0.05). Conclusions: Both, BD and FS demonstrated excellent clinical success at short term evaluation with no difference in outcome. Both materials can be recommended for primary molar pulpotomy.



Kratunova, Evelina H


Kratunova, Evelina H


Pediatric Dentistry

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University of Illinois at Chicago

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Marion, Ian da Fonseca, Marcio Alapati, Satish B

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August 2018

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