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Dynamic Battery Package System Simulation and Layout Optimization

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posted on 2013-10-24, 00:00 authored by Chongye Wang
Due to the increasing energy demand and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission in recent decades, the significance of environmental protection has been widely realized by both academia and industry. More and more companies are trying to shift their traditional profit-focused operation mode to a more sustainable one that jointly considers the economic, environmental, and ecological aspects. The “green” products have been increasingly popular to the customers due to the adoption of different environment-friendly methods. Electric Vehicle (EV) is thought to be a good example of “green” product which is expected to replace the traditional Combustion Engine (CE) vehicle by using Battery Package System (BPS) to power the vehicle. Unlike the battery systems for portable electronic devices using single or a few cells, the number of cells for the large load such as EV is very huge. Therefore, the manufacturing processes and designed layouts are much more complex, which play a critical role in the battery performance in terms of both functionality and cost. The objective of this thesis is to 1) develop a simulation model for the functionality performance evaluation by obtaining different profiles of working dynamics for the BPS considering the manufacturing processes; and 2) establish a cost-effective layout design model to minimize the overall cost under the performance constraint with respect to satisfying the demand.



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