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Exploring Factors that Influence Teacher Perceptions of New Evaluation Policies

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posted on 10.03.2017, 00:00 authored by Jessica J. Gottlieb
There is a renewed interest in teacher evaluation policies. Teacher perception of these policies is a key element of how teachers engage with these policies, and could play a role in determining the ultimate effectiveness of these policies. Accordingly, this study examined the factors that are significantly related to teacher perceptions of a new teacher evaluation policy in Illinois, designed in response to state legislation. This study used a mixed methods approach, with a survey followed by interviews with participating teachers. This study found that the extent to which teachers see the evaluation system as supporting teacher professionalism is the strongest predictor of positive teacher perception. The relationship with the evaluator and the teacher’s perceived familiarity with the evaluation system were also significant predictors of teacher perceptions. This study also highlights the tension between the professional approach to teacher evaluation at the local level and the more bureaucratic approach promoted by state level requirements. The findings from this study can provide insight into how policymakers should craft policies to increase the likelihood of eliciting the desired responses from teachers, as well as how policies which originate at different levels of government may interact at the local level.



Superfine, Benjamin M.


Educational Policy Studies

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University of Illinois at Chicago

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Smylie, Mark A. Mayrowetz, David Quiroz, Pamela A. Yin, Yue

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