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Interface Phonon Modes of Heterostructures and Quantum Dots/Polymer Composite System

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posted on 2014-06-20, 00:00 authored by Nanzhu Zhang
In the first part of the thesis, some basic knowledge related to my research is introduced, such as what is MOSFET, polymer and QDs. In the next part, several different heterostructures are included. First is the dual-gate MOSFET system which has two gates on both top and bottom of the system. Here we will explain the operation and theory of this kind of system and compare it with the traditional one-gate system. Secondly, another heterostructure based on wurzite materials is shown. We also give the theory of how to calculate the interface phonon modes and phonon potentials of this system which are quite important for the study of device. Next we design a novel photodetector with one-well-double-well structure. This kind of design can reduce the tunnelling of the photo and improve the efficiency of the system. Lastly, we introduce a composite system with conductive polymer and QDs. Both conductive polymer and QDs have attracted lots of interests because of their unique characteristic. Here we construct a system and measure the transmission coefficient of this system.



Stroscio, Michael


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Dutta, Mitra Erricolo, Danilo Shi, Junxia Lilley, Carmen

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