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Knowledge and Barriers amongst General and Pediatric Dentists in Providing Dental Care to Pregnant Adolescents

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posted on 2013-10-24, 00:00 authored by Agata E. Lefere
The objective of this study was to access and describe the attitudes of general and pediatric dentists in providing care for the pregnant adolescent patient. We also aimed to examine practitioners’ perceived barriers to providing care. This was done by way of a mailed survey, sent in September 2012 and November 2012. The total number of participating dentists was 100; 52 pediatric dentists and 48 general dentists. The survey was a modified questionnaire of Heubner et al 2009. Dentists participating in the study were asked questions about their demographics, training, as well as frequency of treatment rendered, if at all, to pregnant adolescents. It was found that general and pediatric dentists are equally likely to provide routine and emergency care during pregnancy. While dentists varied in what treatments they would provide in each trimester, no statistical difference was found in this variance. The majority of dentists found care in the 2nd trimester most acceptable. Both general and pediatric dentists are equally likely to prescribe FDA recommended drugs during pregnancy; however, pediatric dentists are more likely to prescribe FDA not recommended drugs during pregnancy. Pediatric dentists are more aware than general dentists of Mutans streptococci and its transmission in the first year of life. Pediatric dentists are also more likely to provide counseling to the pregnant adolescent during pregnancy. Without taking extended training under consideration it was found that Pediatric and general dentists feel equally comfortable working with the pregnant adolescent patient and share an equal view on the perceived barriers to providing care.



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