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Optimization of Microspectrophotometric Analysis for the Differentiation of Pressure Sensitive Tapes

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posted on 2020-05-01, 00:00 authored by Rachel Sandquist
Four different types of colored pressure sensitive tapes—duct tape, electrical tape, packaging tape, and masking tape—were analyzed using visible microspectrophotometry configured for transmission. Sample preparation of these tapes was optimized for microspectrophotometric analysis with consideration to sample thickness, adhesive removal, and feasibility of sample handling. Duct and electrical tapes were best prepared by adhering the tape to a piece of cling wrap, fixing the sample in epoxy, and microtoming the sample into cross sections with thicknesses between 5 μm and 50 μm such that a single sample’s thickness varied less than 15 μm. Packaging tapes were best prepared by adhering the tape to a slide for direct-through analysis without cross sectioning. Masking tapes were best prepared by hand cross sectioning the tape sample. Four rolls of each type of tape, varying in color and brand, were prepared using these preparation methods respectively and analyzed for intra- and inter-roll variation as detected by visible microspectrophotometry. The beginning, middle, and end of each roll were compared and found to have no appreciable variation as observed through microspectrophotometry. The beginning of each roll was compared to the beginning of a roll of the same type, style, and manufacture purchased 6 months later and no appreciable variation was observed through microspectrophotometry. Comparisons of tape samples of the same color (e.g. blue) that differed in type or manufacturer did show appreciable differences as observed through microspectrophotometry. Duct tapes, electrical tapes, packaging tapes, and masking tapes were found to be amenable for visible microspectrophotometric analysis. This analysis was found to have the capacity to provide information indicative of class characteristics.



Larsen, Albert K


Larsen, Albert K


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University of Illinois at Chicago

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MS, Master of Science

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Hall, Ashley King, Meggan Sparenga, Sebastian Waller, Donald P

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May 2020

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