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Proving Correctness within an Access Control Evaluation Framework

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posted on 2013-10-24, 00:00 authored by Diego Martinoia
This thesis presents the proofs developed to demonstrate correctness of a case study within the Access Control Evaluation Framework (ACEF). ACEF is a theoretical framework developed at the University of Illinois at Chicago, aimed at creating application-sensitive implementations of access control policies, using well-known access control systems, while preserving some desirable properties. As the formal proof of these properties, including correctness, is usually a tedious process prone to error, a mixed approach was used, which relies on both human high-level abstraction and insight for the outlining of the proof sketches, and then verifies their formal correctness using a formal prover system. To achieve this, a generic template for ACEF for the Prototype Verification System formal prover was developed. The process of generating the proofs for this specific case study was also a benchmark for the validity of the template, as a first step towards the realization of a more automated approach to ACEF. In the conclusions, the validity of the approach is analyzed and possible future steps to improve it are outlined.



Zuck, Lenore


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University of Illinois at Chicago

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Hinrichs, Timothy Lanzi, Pier Luca

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