Vibration Isolation of Sensitive Equipment Using Cohesionless Soil

2019-02-01T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Jayson WJ Anton
Cohesionless soil is used in many vibration-isolating structures. Understanding the dynamic behavior of these materials within vibration-isolating structures is crucial to improve the performance of these structures. This dissertation focuses on two vibration isolation strategies using cohesionless soil. Data was taken of experimental models of footings for tables with vibration-sensitive equipment and existing cohesionless soil filled pits. Experimental data and analytical modeling were used to design a finite element (FE) model that can predict the dynamic behavior of both the footing and pit structures. Parametric studies of footings and pits were undertaken and key parameters of the performance of each were considered. Design suggestions were then made for footings supporting instrumentation tables and filled pits.