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Virtual Reality and Haptic Training Simulator for Sacral Neuromodulation Surgery

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posted on 2018-11-28, 00:00 authored by Leonardo Crespi
Virtual Reality and Haptics Training Simulator for Sacral Neuromodulation Surgery project aims to design and develop an efficient, valuable and economically viable tool for training surgeons, residents and medical students on the procedure to implant a Neuromodulator on the sacral nerve, to treat problems in the overactive bladder spectrum. Through the exploitation of Virtual Reality and Haptics technologies, it will be possible for medical personnel to learn and practice on the most important tasks to be performed in such a surgery, mastering their eye-hand coordination while managing the C-arm to handle the fluoroscopy imaging; this features also allow the trainee to understand how to rely on 2D imaging to move in the 3D space. The application's intent is to fill the void in the field of medical training for what concerns Sacral Neuromodulation, since no other relevant tools are specifically designed to learn and practice on this task, although the number of cases is estimated to be continuously rising, and, with the progression of technology, the current most common way for students and residents to become acquainted with surgical procedures, i.e. relying on direct experience, hands on a patient, is being left behind, at least in the first phases of education, in order to increase patient safety and contain costs.



Luciano, Cristian J.


Luciano, Cristian J.



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University of Illinois at Chicago

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Niederberger, Craig De Momi, Elena

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August 2018

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