University of Illinois at Chicago

Glenda Insua


  • Discovering Usability: Comparing Two Discovery Systems at One Academic Library
  • Student bibliographies: charting research skills over time
  • In Their Own Words: Using First-Year Student Research Journals to Guide Information Literacy Instruction
  • “I'm a Visual Learner so I like this”: Investigating Student and Faculty Tutorial Preferences
  • Search tools and scholarly citation practices in literary studies
  • The reader's way: student process guiding library practice
  • Navigating Roadblocks: First-Year Writing Challenges through the Lens of the ACRL Framework
  • Framing first-year writing course guides: a content analysis
  • Browsing, Networking, Contextualizing: Research Practices of Humanists and Implications for Library Instruction
  • Shaping Effective Readers: An Investigation of Faculty Perceptions and Pedagogies

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