University of Illinois at Chicago

Kellee Warren

Assistant Professor and Special Collections Librarian

Chicago, IL

Kellee E. Warren is Assistant Professor and Special Collections Librarian at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ms. Warren’s most recent article, “A Content and Comparative Analysis of Job Advertisements for Special Collections Professionals using ACRL RBMS Guidelines” was published in Journal of Library Administration, 60, 2020, issue 6. Her article on archival instruction, “Reimagining Special Collections Instruction: A Special Case of Haiti” is in press with The American Archivist, for fall/winter 2020. And her article “We Need These Bodies, but Not Their Knowledge: Black Women in the Archival Science Profession, and Their Connection to the Archives of Enslaved Black Women in the French Antilles” was published in Library Trends, Spring 2016 edition. Ms. Warren’s research interests include critical pedagogies, digital humanities, and oral history.



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