University of Illinois at Chicago

Rukmava Chatterjee

Graduate Researcher (Engineering; Physical sciences; Chemical sciences)

United States

Result-driven mechanical engineer with academic-industrial management experiences in the broad field of thermal management & materials science, trained to solve challenging scientific problems in all R&D phases. ➤Diverse Professional Background: Versatile engineering training (10+ years) with hands-on research expertise in thermal analysis, mechanical design, & product development alongside experience in technology commercialization. ➤Competent Team Player: Demonstrated leadership working with cross-functional teams in a multicultural, collaborative & fast-paced environment, where vital technology needs were met with disruptive solutions. ➤Eloquent Communicator: Skilled in explaining complex topics lucidly to a general audience, as evidenced by 5+ science communication awards, 2+ conference presentation awards & 10+ student research mentorships.


  • A thermal model to characterize the flattening effect of a nuclear fuel element in an annular channel using simple analytical approach
  • Delaying Ice and Frost Formation Using Phase‐Switching Liquids
  • A Family of Frost‐Resistant and Icephobic Coatings
  • How to Select Phase Change Materials for Tuning Condensation and Frosting?
  • Adhesion of impure ice on surfaces

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Sushant Anand

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