University of Illinois at Chicago

Sandra De Groote


  • Publication patterns of U.S. Academic librarians and libraries from 2003 to 2012
  • Promoting health sciences journal content with Web 2.0: A snapshot in time
  • Coverage of Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web of Science: A case study of the h-index in nursing
  • Medical informatics in the curriculum: development and delivery of an online elective
  • Impact of online journals on citation patterns of dentistry, nursing, and pharmacy faculty
  • Citation patterns of online and print journals in the digital age
  • The Accuracy and Thoroughness of a Federated Search Engine in the Health Sciences
  • Promoting health sciences journal content with Web 2.0: A snapshot in time
  • Library Impact Research Report: Faculty Publication Patterns at a Large Urban University and Correlation with Collections Use and Size
  • Testing the effectiveness of interactive multimedia for library-user education
  • Digital reference access points: An analysis of usage
  • Online journals' impact on the citation patterns of medical faculty
  • PubMed, internet grateful med, and Ovid: A comparison of three MEDLINE internet interfaces
  • Quantifying cooperation: Collaborative digital reference service in the large academic library
  • Questions asked at the virtual and physical health sciences reference desk: How do they compare and what do they tell us?
  • MEDLINE SDI services: How do they compare?
  • Examining the impact of the national institutes of health public access policy on the citation rates of journal articles
  • Research engagement of health sciences librarians: A survey of research-related activities and attitudes
  • Information-seeking behavior and the use of online resources: A snapshot of current health sciences faculty
  • Research Productivity and Its Relationship to Library Collections
  • University students' changing library needs and use: A comparison of 2016 and 2018 student surveys
  • Online journals: Impact on print journal usage
  • Measures of health sciences journal use: A comparison of vendor, link-Resolver, and local citation statistics
  • The use of personal digital assistants in the health sciences: Results of a survey
  • Measuring use patterns of online journals and databases
  • Q/What treatment is best for hypertrophic scars and keloids?
  • Which lab tests are best when you suspect hypothyroidism?
  • Trends in reference usage statistics in an academic health sciences library
  • Google Scholar versions: Do more versions of an article mean greater impact?
  • What to expect when you are not expecting to be a publisher
  • Revision of an academic library user experience survey
  • The library's impact on university students' academic success and learning
  • Validating students' library experience survey using rasch model
  • Faculty perceptions, use, and needs of library resource and services in a public research university
  • The Impact of the Academic Library on Students’ Success, in Their Own Words
  • Impact of Undergraduate Students’ Library Use on Their Learning beyond GPA: Mixed-Methods Approach
  • University Students’ Library Experience and Its Impact on Their GPA During the Pandemic
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the use of the academic library
  • Learning from data reuse: successful and failed experiences in a large public research university library
  • Review Essay: The Documentation of Library Assessment Planning Process, Lessons Learned and Suggestions
  • Publication Patterns of U.S. Academic Librarians: 2003-2011.
  • Research Data Management: Library and Campus Collaboration to Support E-Research.
  • Importance and impact of library resources and services for Faculty
  • Do Online Library Collections Impact Faculty Productivity?

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