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    • High Pressure Chemistry Of Phenyl Radical Reactions With Acetylene 

      Comandini, Andrea (2012-12-10)
      The formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), especially fused-ring compounds, represents an essential step in the mechanisms of soot formation. In particular the second-ring species, naphthalene, plays a key ...
    • High Temperature Single Pulse Shock Tube Studies of Combustion Relevant Chemistry 

      Fridlyand, Aleksandr (2014-10-28)
      An increasing demand for energy, as well as a need to decrease harmful emissions, necessitates better utilization of hydrocarbon fuels derived from biological and fossil sources. The single pulse shock tube experiment has ...
    • Meltblowing: I-basic physical mechanisms and threadline model 

      Sinha-Ray, S.; Yarin, Alexander L.; Pourdeyhimi, B. (American Institute of Physics, 2010-08-01)
      The work aims at the experimental and theoretical study of the mechanism of meltblowing. Meltblowing is a popular method of producing polymer microfibers and nanofibers en masse in the form of nonwovens via aerodynamic ...