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    • Peptide-Based Strategies of Delivering Semiconductor Nanocrystals into Living Cells 

      Rivera Vera, Claudia Ivette (2017-12-06)
      Semiconductor nanocrystals or quantum dots (QDs) possess exceptional optical and physicochemical properties, for instance, their brightness and long fluorescence lifetimes, which makes them valuable for live-cell imaging. ...
    • Proteolytically activated anti-bacterial hydrogel microspheres 

      Buhrman, Jason S.; Cook, Laura C.; Rayahin, Jamie E.; Federle, Michael J.; Gemeinhart, Richard A. (Elsevier, 2013-11)
      Hydrogels are finding increased clinical utility as advances continue to exploit their favorable material properties. Hydrogels can be adapted for many applications, including surface coatings and drug delivery. Anti-infectious ...