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    • Airway Neutrophil Inflammatory Phenotype In Older Asthma Subjects 

      Nyenhuis, Sharmilee M.; Schwantes, Elizabeth A.; Evans, Michael D.; Mathur, Sameer K. (Elsevier, 2010-02)
      The airway inflammation in older asthma subjects has parallels to the airway inflammation in neutrophil-predominant severe asthma. This raises the question of whether the clinical features will exhibit additional similarities.
    • Stress Dysregulates Inflammatory Gene Expression During Wound Healing Via miRS 

      Tymen, Stéphanie D. (2012-12-10)
      Wound healing is a complex series of events aiming to clear bacteria, repair damaged tissue, and restore function, Later events rely on the successful completion of early events, thus the inflammatory phase is crucial. ...