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    • An Art to be Learned 

      Brown, Garrett J. (2012-04-18)
      An Art to be Learned resurrects the often obscure histories behind scientific accomplishments while simultaneously seeking links between poetic and scientific vision. Individual poems present moments of discovery that ...
    • The Bullet In Her Pocket 

      Tracey, Sara (2016-02-17)
      The Bullet In Her Pocket is a narrative, book-length poetic sequence that explores the ontology and ethics of secrets while interrogating the way history is archived, discovered, and invented. The poems tell the story of ...
    • A Catalogue of Light: a Collection of Poems 

      Corey, Matthew R. (2013-06-28)
      “A Catalogue of Light” takes the genre of the lyric sequence as its antecedent, examining the qualities of chronological structure and lyric speech proper to the genre, and figuring a sequential text that investigates the ...
    • Haikus and Landays in Science 

      Rehman, Jalees (, 2014-02-03)
    • A Mirror Image: African American Student Reflections 

      Dawson, Candice (2013-02-21)
      This dissertation is a narrative inquiry research project that focuses on the collegiate experiences of African American students at both historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and predominantly white ...
    • The Surveyor's Perspective 

      McDermott, Elizabeth A. (2014-06-20)
      The Surveyor’s Perspective is a collection of lyric poetry informed by the professional act of surveying an altering landscape, specifically one in the process of becoming less rural and more developed. Some of my poems ...
    • Three Seconds: Poems, Cubes, and the Brain 

      Rehman, Jalees (, 2013-07-22)
      Temporal order can be assessed in a rather straightforward experimental manner. Research subjects can be provided sequential auditory clicks, one to each ear. If the clicks are one second apart, nearly all participants can ...
    • Topographia 

      Morse, Jenny (2013-06-28)
      Topographia consists of two distinct sets of poems that use different rhetorical, formal, and contextual positions to reframe place, space, and the human relationship to nature. One set centers upon a character, Skia, and ...
    • Witch Doctrine 

      Browning, Annah Laura (2017-04-10)
      Witch Doctrine is a collection of Gothically-influenced persona poems, written in the voices of a cast of folkloric and literary figures, most prominently witches and ghosts. Through engaging with persona and other conventions ...