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    • Modeling Stream Hydraulics Before and After a Meander Restoration Project 

      Marquez Reina, Jose Javier (2017-12-08)
      Humans have engineered rivers and watersheds to suit their needs, and in the process, have caused numerous impacts to the environment. Recently, stream restoration projects have become increasingly popular means of mitigating ...
    • Sea-level rise and time horizons for coastal infrastructure 

      Taherkhani, Mohsen (2018-11-30)
      Sea-level rise (SLR) will redefine the coastlines of the 21st century. For most coastal regions, global sea-level projections by the year 2100 are comparable in size to today’s extreme, but short-lived water-level events ...
    • The Effect of Urbanization and Dam Removal on Stream Metabolism 

      Qasem, Karoline (2018-08-10)
      The main goal of this dissertation is to explore the influence of urbanization and dam removal on stream function represented by stream metabolism (i.e., gross primary production (GPP), ecosystem respiration (ER) and net ...