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    • Scalable Mining of Large Graphs and Its Applications 

      Xie, Yan (2013-02-21)
      In recent years, as the semantics of real-world applications becomes more and more complex, graph has emerged as a basic data manifestation unit in many domains, where its expressiveness can provide the best mathematical ...
    • Sparsity and Manifold Methods in Image and Higher Dimensional Data Representation 

      Sha, Lingdao (2018-07-30)
      One of the most important concept underlines recent development of image and signal processing is sparsity. Specifically, most applications in getting signals/images of interest can be well approximated by a linear combination ...
    • Unsupervised Learning from Multi-view Data 

      Shao, Weixiang (2016-10-18)
      With the advance of technology, data are often with multiple modalities or coming from multiple sources. Such data are called multi-view data. Usually, multiple views provide complementary information for the semantically ...