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    • X-ray fluorescence from a model liquid/liquid solvent extraction system 

      Bu, Wei; Hou, Binyang; Mihaylov, Miroslav; Kuzmenko, Ivan; Lin, Binhua; Meron, Mati; Soderholm, L.; Luo, Guangming; Schlossman, Mark L. (American Institute of Physics, 2011-11-15)
      X-ray fluorescence near total reflection (XFNTR) is measured from the liquid/liquid interface between dodecane and an ErCl3 aqueous solution by monitoring L shell Er emission lines. A custom sample cell is used to minimize ...
    • X-ray resonant magnetic scattering study of magnetization reversals in a nanoscale spin-valve array 

      Lee, Dong Ryeol; Freeland, John W.; Choi, Yongseong; Srajer, George; Metlushko, Vitali; Ilic, Bojan (American Physical Society, 2007-10)
      We present an x-ray resonant magnetic scattering study that uses the periodicity of a patterned array of trilayer (Co/Cu/NiFe) elements to determine not only layer-dependent magnetic hysteresis, but, more importantly, to ...