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    • Water at functional interfaces 

      Garde, S.; Schlossman, M.L. (Cambridge University Press, 2014-12)
      Water is, perhaps, the most important material known to humankind—fascinating even in its pure state for the range of anomalous properties it displays. There has been increasing realization that understanding the behavior ...
    • X-ray fluorescence from a model liquid/liquid solvent extraction system 

      Bu, Wei; Hou, Binyang; Mihaylov, Miroslav; Kuzmenko, Ivan; Lin, Binhua; Meron, Mati; Soderholm, L.; Luo, Guangming; Schlossman, Mark L. (American Institute of Physics, 2011-11-15)
      X-ray fluorescence near total reflection (XFNTR) is measured from the liquid/liquid interface between dodecane and an ErCl3 aqueous solution by monitoring L shell Er emission lines. A custom sample cell is used to minimize ...
    • X-ray resonant magnetic scattering study of magnetization reversals in a nanoscale spin-valve array 

      Lee, Dong Ryeol; Freeland, John W.; Choi, Yongseong; Srajer, George; Metlushko, Vitali; Ilic, Bojan (American Physical Society, 2007-10)
      We present an x-ray resonant magnetic scattering study that uses the periodicity of a patterned array of trilayer (Co/Cu/NiFe) elements to determine not only layer-dependent magnetic hysteresis, but, more importantly, to ...