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    • X-Ray Laser 

      McCorkindale, John (2009)
      This image illustrates the operating principles of a type of X-Ray Laser being developed in the Laboratory for X-Ray Microimaging and Bioinformatics here at UIC. An intense ultraviolet pulse (traveling from left to right ...
    • Xibalba: the Ancient Maya Underworld 

      Buechler, Jeff (2009)
      This is the Black Road: the entrance to Xibalba, the ancient Maya Underworld, complete with a bat denizen trying to escape. This and many other such cave entrances dot the Guatemala landscape where I researched, surveyed, ...
    • Zebraprinting 

      Lahiri, Mayank (2011)
      "Identifying individual animals in the wild is a fundamental step in ecological analysis, used for everything from population size estimation to social network analysis. Animals are usually identified manually from photographs ...