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    • Epigenetic Regulation of Autophagy by the Methyltransferase G9a 

      de Narvajas, Amaia Artal-Martinez; Gomez, Timothy S.; Zhang, Jin-San; Mann, Alexander O.; Taoda, Yoshiyuki; Gorman, Jacquelyn A.; Herreros-Villanueva, Marta; Gress, Thomas M.; Ellenrieder, Volker; Bujanda, Luis; Kim, Do-Hyung; Kozikowski, Alan P.; Koenig, Alexander; Billadeau, Daniel D. (American Society for Microbiology, 2013-10)
      Macroautophagy is an evolutionarily conserved cellular process involved in the clearance of proteins and organelles. Although the cytoplasmic machinery that orchestrates autophagy induction during starvation, hypoxia, or ...