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    • New Bioactive Lupane Triterpene Coumaroyl Esters Isolated from Buxus cochinchinensis. 

      Pan, L; Muñoz Acuña, U; Chai, H; Park, HY; Ninh, TN; Thanh, BV; Merino, EF; Cassera, MB; Rakotondraibe, LH; Carcache de Blanco, EJ; Soejarto, DD; Kinghorn, AD (Georg Thieme Verlag, 2015-08)
      Five new lupane triterpene coumaroyl esters (1-5), together with betulin (6) and a known Buxus alkaloid, N-3-benzoyldihydrocyclomicrophylline F (7), were isolated from a CHCl3-soluble partition of a methanol extract of ...