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    • Aqueous and Vitreous Penetration of Linezolid and Levofloxacin After Oral Administration 

      George, Jomy M.; Fiscella, Richard; Blair, Michael; Rodvold, Keith; Ulanski, Lawrence; Stokes, John; Blair, Norman; Pontiggia, Laura (Mary Ann Liebert, 2010-12)
      Purpose: To evaluate the time course of drug concentrations achieved in aqueous (AQ), vitreous (V), and serum (S) compartments after oral administration of linezolid and levofloxacin. Design: Randomized, clinical ...
    • Investigation of the cfr and rlmN genes in linezolid resistance 

      LaMarre, Jacqueline M. (2012-12-10)
      Linezolid is an effective antibiotic against pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus. Recently, the Cfr methyltransferase was found to confer resistance to linezolid by methylating C8 of adenine 2503 of the large ribosomal ...