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    • Production of antipeptide antibodies 

      Lee, Bao-Shiang; Huang, Jin-Sheng; Lasanthi, G.D.; Jayathilaka, P.; Lateef, Syed S.; Gupta, Shalini (Humana Press, 2010)
      Peptides (8-20 residues) are as effective as proteins in raising antibodies, both polyconal and monoclonal with a titer above 20,000 easily achievable. A successful antipeptide antibody production depends on several factors ...
    • A ribosomal misincorporation of lys for arg in human triosephosphate isomerase expressed in escherichia coli gives rise to two protein populations 

      Aguirre, Beatriz; Costas, Miguel; Cabrera, Nallely; Mendoza-Hernández, Guillermo; Helseth, Donald L.; Fernández, Paulette; de Gómez-Puyou, Marietta Tuena; Pérez-Montfort, Ruy; Torres-Larios, Alfredo; Puyou, Armando Gómez (Public Library of Science, 2011-06-28)
      We previously observed that human homodimeric triosephosphate isomerase (HsTIM) expressed in Escherichia coli and purified to apparent homogeneity exhibits two significantly different thermal transitions. A detailed ...