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    • MicroRNA-99 Family Targets AKT/mTOR Signaling Pathway in Dermal Wound Healing 

      Jin, Yi; Tymen, Stephanie D.; Chen, Dan; Fang, Zong Juan; Zhao, Yan; Dragas, Dragan; Dai, Yang; Marucha, Phillip T.; Zhou, Xiaofeng (PLoS One, 2013-05)
      Recent studies suggest that microRNAs play important roles in dermal wound healing and microRNA deregulation has been linked with impaired wound repair. Here, using a mouse experimental wound healing model, we identified ...
    • Positional differences in the wound transcriptome of skin and oral mucosa 

      Chen, Lin; Arbieva, Zarema H.; Guo, Shujuan; Marucha, Phillip T.; Mustoe, Thomas A.; DiPietro, Luisa A. (BioMed Central, 2010-08-12)
      Background: When compared to skin, oral mucosal wounds heal rapidly and with reduced scar formation. Recent studies suggest that intrinsic differences in inflammation, growth factor production, levels of stem cells, and ...
    • Toll-like receptor 4 plays an essential role in early skin wound healing 

      Chen, Lin; Guo, Shujuan; Ranzer, Matthew J.; DiPietro, Luisa A. (Nature Publishing Group, 2012-09)
      TLR4 plays a key role in the initiation of innate immunity and in the regulation of adaptive immune responses. Using microarray analysis and PCR, TLR4 expression was observed to increase in murine skin wounds at the early ...