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    • Synthesis of substituted isatins 

      Klein, Larry L.; Tufano, Michael D. (Elsevier, 2013-02)
      Isatins are valuable intermediates for heterocyclic chemistry. Most of the common methods for their production are less than adequate when the number and lipophilicity of substituents on the targeted isatin are increased. ...
    • Synthesis of Tri-functional Bis-azide Photoaffinity Probe 

      Klein, Larry L.; Petukhova, Valentina (Taylor & Francis, 2013-08)
      Methyl 3-azidomethyl-5-azido-benzoate (1b) and its corresponding hydroxymethyl reduction product (1a) have been utilized for the synthesis of valuable nonradioactive photoaffinity probes. Previous preparations of (1a) ...
    • A Two-Step Strategy for the Complementation of M. Tuberculosis Mutants 

      Movahedzadeh, Farahnaz; Frita, Rosangela; Gutka, Hiten J. (Brazilian Genetics Society, 2011)
      The sequence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, completed in 1998, facilitated both the development of genomic tools, and the creation of a number of mycobacterial mutants. These mutants have a wide range of phenotypes, from ...