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    • Iron deficiency modifies gene expression variation induced by augmented hypoxia sensing 

      Zhang, Xu; Zhang, Wei; Ma, Shwu-Fan; Miasniakova, Galina; Sergueeva, Adelina; Ammosova, Tatiana; Xu, Min; Nekhai, Sergei; Nourai, Mehdi; Wade, Michael S.; Prchal, Josef T.; Garcia, Joe G. N.; Machado, Roberto F.; Gordeuk, Victor R. (Elsevier Inc., 2014-01)
      In congenital Chuvash polycythemia (CP), VHLR200W homozygosity leads to elevated hypoxia inducible factor (HIF) levels at normoxia. CP is often treated by phlebotomy resulting in iron deficiency, permitting us to examine ...
    • Optimization of isolated perfused/ventilated mouse lung to study hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction 

      Yoo, Hae Young; Zeifman, Amy; Ko, Eun A.; Smith, Kimberly A.; Chen, Jiwang; Machado, Roberto F.; Zhao, You-Yang; Minshall, Richard D.; Yuan, Jason X.-J. (Medknow Publications, 2013-04)
      Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction (HPV) is a compensatory physiological mechanism in the lung that optimizes the matching of ventilation to perfusion and thereby maximizes gas exchange. Historically, HPV has been primarily ...
    • Peripheral Blood Gene Expression as a Novel Genomic Biomarker in Complicated Sarcoidosis 

      Zhou, Tong; Zhang, Wei; Sweiss, Nadera J.; Chen, Edward S.; Moller, David R.; Knox, Kenneth S.; Ma, Shwu-Fan; Wade, Michael S.; Noth, Imre; Machado, Roberto F.; Garcia, Joe G. N. (Public Library of Science, 2012-09)
      Sarcoidosis, a systemic granulomatous syndrome invariably affecting the lung, typically spontaneously remits but in ,20% of cases progresses with severe lung dysfunction or cardiac and neurologic involvement (complicated ...
    • A reliable and effective method of DNA isolation from old human blood paper cards 

      Song, Yang; Fahs, Abrahim; Feldman, Charles; shah, Suraj; Gu, Yali; Wang, Yifan; Machado, Roberto F.; Wunderink, Richard G.; Chen, Jiwang (SpringerOpen, 2013)
      Blood paper cards provide an effective DNA storage method. In this study, we used three DNA dissolving reagents (Tris-EDTA [TE] buffer, Tris-HCl buffer, and water) and one common commercially available kit (DN131 from MRC ...
    • Survival in pulmonary arterial hypertension: A brief review of registry data 

      Pauwaa, Sunil; Machado, Roberto F.; Desai, Ankit A. (Medknow Publications, 2011)
    • Transcriptional Events during the Recovery from MRSA Lung Infection: A Mouse Pneumonia Model 

      Chen, Jiwang; Feng, Gang; Guo, Qiang; Wardenburg, Juliane B.; Lin, Simon; Inoshima, Ichiro; Deaton, Ryan; Yuan, Jason X. J.; Garcia, Joe G. N.; Machado, Roberto F.; Otto, Michael; Wunderink, Richard G. (Public Library of Science, 2013-08)
      Community associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA) is an emerging threat to human health throughout the world. Rodent MRSA pneumonia models mainly focus on the early innate immune responses to MRSA ...