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    • Ethnobotanical approach versus random approach in the search for new bioactive compounds: support of a hypothesis 

      Gyllenhaal, C.; Kadushin, M. R.; Southavong, B.; Sydara, K.; Bouamanivong, S.; Xaiveu, M.; Xuan, L. T.; Hiep, N. T.; Hung, N. V.; Loc, P. K.; Dac, L. X.; Bich, T. Q.; Cuong, N. M.; Ly, H. M.; Zhang, H. J.; Franzblau, S. G.; Xie, H.; Riley, M. C.; Elkington, B. G.; Nguyen, H. T.; Waller, D. P.; Ma, C. Y.; Tamez, P.; Tan, G. T.; Pezzuto, J. M.; Soejarto, D. D. (Informa Healthcare, 2012-01)
      Context: Whether natural product drug discovery programs should rely on wild plants collected “randomly” from the natural environment, or whether they should also include plants collected on the basis of use in traditional ...
    • An ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants of Laos toward the discovery of bioactive compounds as potential candidates for pharmaceutical development 

      Soejarto, D.D.; Gyllenhaal, C.; Kadushin, M.R.; Southavong, B.; Sydara, K.; Bouamanivong, S.; Xaiveu, M.; Zhang, H.-J.; Franzblau, S.G.; Tan, Ghee T.; Pezzuto, J.M.; Riley, M.C.; Elkington, B.G.; Waller, D.P. (Informa Healthcare, 2012-01)
      Context: An ethnobotany-based approach in the selection of raw plant materials to study was implemented. Objective: To acquire raw plant materials using ethnobotanical field interviews as starting point to discover new ...