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    • Shifted inferior frontal laterality in women with major depressive disorder is related to emotion-processing deficits 

      Briceno, E. M.; Weisenbach, S. L.; Rapport, L. J.; Hazlett, K. E.; Bieliauskas, L. A.; Haase, B. D.; Ransom, M. T.; Brinkman, M. L.; Pecina, M.; Schteingart, D. E.; Starkman, M. N.; Giordani, B.; Welsh, R. C.; Noll, D. C.; Zubieta, J.-K.; Langenecker, S. A. (Cambridge University Press, 2013-07)
      Background. Facial emotion perception (FEP) is a critical human skill for successful social interaction, and a substantial body of literature suggests that explicit FEP is disrupted in major depressive disorder (MDD). Prior ...