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    • Analysis of RNA from Brush Cytology Detects Changes in B2M, CYP1B1 and KRT17 Levels with OSCC in Tobacco Users 

      Kolokythas, Antonia; Schwartz, Joel L.; Pytynia, Kristen B.; Panda, Suchismita; Yao, Mike; Homann, Brian; Sroussi, Herve Y.; Epstein, Joel B.; Gordon, Sara C.; Adami, Guy (Elsevier, 2011-06)
      RNA expression analysis of oral keratinocytes can be used to detect early oral cancer but a limitation is the inability to obtain high quality RNA from oral tissue without using biopsies. While oral cytology cell samples ...
    • Prenuptial Dental Extractions in Acadian Women: First Report of a Cultural Tradition 

      Gordon, Sara C.; Kaste, Linda M.; Barasch, Andrei; Safford, Monika M.; Foong, Choong; ElGeneidy, Adry (Mary Ann Liebert, 2011-12)
      Background: Prenuptial tooth extractions, extractions of all teeth in at least one dental arch before marriage, are not identified in the dental literature. Driven by a professional encounter, the purpose of this study ...