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    • Does Thinking About God Increase Our Willingness to Make Risky Decisions? 

      Rehman, Jalees (, 2015-03-02)
      Daniella Kupor and her colleagues at Stanford University have recently published the paper Anticipating Divine Protection? Reminders of God Can Increase Nonmoral Risk Taking (1), which takes a new look at the link between ...
    • Feel Our Pain: Empathy and Moral Behavior 

      Rehman, Jalees (, 2015-10-12)
      “It’s empathy that makes us help other people. It’s empathy that makes us moral.” The economist Paul Zak casually makes this comment in his widely watched TED talk about the hormone oxytocin, which he dubs the “moral ...
    • Moral Time: Does Our Internal Clock Influence Moral Judgments? 

      Rehman, Jalees (, 2014-10-13)
      Does morality depend on the time of the day? The study The Morning Morality Effect: The Influence of Time of Day on Unethical Behavior (1) published in October of 2013 by Maryam Kouchaki and Isaac Smith suggested that ...