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    • Auschwitz and the Plantation: Labor and Social Death in American Holocaust and Slavery Fiction 

      Christmas, Danielle (2014-10-28)
      American literary debates during the 1960s and 70s—especially the debates over William Styron’s profit-motivated Holocaust and slavery perpetrators—reflect the increasing urgency to understand why Nazis and slave owners ...
    • Everyman 

      Conner, M Shelly (2014-06-20)
      The novel depicts the story of Every (Eve) Mann’s journey to discover her family lineage. Raised in Chicago during the explosive 1950-60’s civil rights era, she knows nothing of her parents –only the overbearing love of ...
    • Space for Speculation: American Fictions of Racial Futures 

      Fiorelli, Julie A. (2015-10-21)
      This dissertation examines works of speculative American literature that envision the racial order of the future U.S. as radically different from their authors’ present. Surfacing at moments of national crisis from the ...