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    • The Diasporic Itinerary: Literary and Cinematic Geographies of South Asian Diaspora 

      Malik, Surbhi (2013-10-24)
      This dissertation argues that the opposition between Britain and the United States molds South Asian cultural expression and is central to its interpretation. Examining the work of a diverse group of South Asian diasporic ...
    • John Burgess 

      Steuber, Evan (2018-07-18)
      A novel that revolves around the supposedly autobiographical manuscript found after the suspicious death of John Lowell (pseudonym John Burgess). The manuscript is prepared and edited by Nick Notou who also adds supplementary ...
    • Traveling Toward Empathy: An Analysis of Mothers and Nannies in U.S. Literature Post 1985 

      Garner, Catherine B. (2014-06-20)
      Using frameworks of class, race, and gender, this dissertation contends that the mother-employer/nanny dyad is unique in the ways in which it brings together women who often differ by virtue of class and race, which thereby ...