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      Baldwin, JT; Larson, PB; Shelah, S. (Association for Symbolic Logic, 2015)
      Theorem. Suppose that an @0-presentable Abstract Elementary Class (AEC),K, has the joint embedding and amalgamation properties in @0 and < 2@1 models in @1. If K has only countably many models in @1, then all are small. ...
    • Almost galois ω-stable classes 

      Baldwin, JT; Larson, PB; Shelah, S (Association for Symbolic Logic [Society Publisher], 2015-07-22)
    • Iterated elementary embeddings and the model theory of infinitary logic. 

      Baldwin, JT; Larson, PB (Elsevier Masson, 2016-03)
      We use iterations of elementary embeddings derived from countably complete ideals on ω1 to provide a uniform proof of some classical results connecting the number of models of cardinality ℵ1 in various infinitary logics ...