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    • Adverse Effects of Systemic Immunosuppression in Keratolimbal Allograft 

      Krakauer, M.; Welder, J. D.; Pandya, H. K.; Nassiri, N.; Djalilian, A. R. (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2011-12-22)
      Purpose. Keratolimbal allograft (KLAL) is a treatment for limbal stem cell deficiency. One disadvantage is systemic immunosuppression to avoid rejection. Our purpose was to examine the adverse effects of systemic ...
    • Profile of ocular and systemic characteristics in Möbius sequence patients from Brazil and Italy 

      Ventura, Bruna Vieira; Miller, Marilyn Tiller; Danda, Diana; Carta, Arturo; Brandt, Carlos Teixeira; Ventura, Liana Oliveira (Conselho Brasileiro de Oftalmologia, 2012-05)
      PURPOSE: To compare the profiles and clinical findings of a series of patients with Möbius sequence from Brazil with a series from Italy. METHODS: This is a multicenter study, which includes 46 Möbius sequence patients ...