Cost Effective Joint Energy & Production Operations Decision Making for Sustainable Manufacturing System

2018-11-27T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Fadwa F Dababneh
Industry leaders must find ways to fulfill consumer demand and meet societal needs while reducing cost and environmental burdens. Incorporating Demand Response practices and programs into manufacturing production decision-making opens up many opportunities for manufacturers address economic, environmental, and societal concerns from the industrial sector, simultaneously. Much research on the implementation of electricity demand response for residential and commercial sectors has been reported in literature, however, research on demand response for manufacturers is less developed and impeded by complex production system dynamics. This leads to lost opportunities for economic and environmental sustainability by manufacturers. In this dissertation, demand response driven cost-effective joint energy and production operations decision making methodology for sustainable manufacturing systems is presented. More specifically, frameworks aiming to integrate sustainable manufacturing, production scheduling, and electricity demand response for manufacturers are presented from three lenses, i.e., the manufacturing production system-level, the plant-level, and the utility-level. In all, the frameworks presented provide manufacturers with analytical tools for implementing cost-effective joint energy and production management towards sustainability and support the industrial sector’s immersion in the Smart Grid.