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Building a statewide network of MOUD expertise using tiered ECHO® mentoring opportunities

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posted on 2023-04-22, 18:18 authored by Dennis W Smithenry, James Besante, David Hopping, Kamaria Patterson, Paige Pickerl, Nicole Gastala, Tanya Sorrell, Niranjan KarnikNiranjan Karnik
BACKGROUND: Expanding access to workforce training for opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment continues to be a priority. This study explored the use of tiered mentoring opportunities within an ECHO® model to expand treatment capacity and develop a statewide network of medications for OUD (MOUD) expertise. ECHO® engages participants in a virtual community to learn best practices through case-based learning and interactions with experts. METHODS: We studied two incentivized Illinois MOUD ECHO® training programs by examining aggregate demographic and prescribing data across eight training cohorts (n = 199 participants). Participants (n = 51) in the last two cohorts were evaluated with expanded pre- and post-training surveys. Qualitative interviews were completed with a subset (n = 13) to examine effects observed in the survey data. RESULTS: For the whole group, we found a geographic expansion of the participants' prescribing capacity that reached into rural and other underserved areas in Illinois. Participants in the last two cohorts reported both increased self-efficacy for OUD treatment and increased connectedness to the addiction treatment community in Illinois. Participants who progressed through the tiered mentorship roles were found to exhibit stepwise increases in reported self-efficacy and connectedness measures. CONCLUSION: An incentivized ECHO® program yielded substantive outcomes in terms of increased prescribing capacity across the state. The use of tiered mentoring opportunities enabled participants to develop MOUD expertise and support novice providers in a growing statewide network. There is potential to train professionals to a high level of expertise when the ECHO® model is combined with a mentorship pathway.



Smithenry, D. W., Besante, J., Hopping, D., Patterson, K., Pickerl, P., Gastala, N., Sorrell, T.Karnik, N. S. (2023). Building a statewide network of MOUD expertise using tiered ECHO® mentoring opportunities. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 245, 109823-.




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