A Mathematical Model of Oscillatory Chemicurrents in Oxyhydrogen Interaction with Pt/GaP Nanostructures

2017-02-17T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Songyun Liu
Nonlinear dynamics is a critical branch in the realm of heterogeneous catalysis. People care about the kinetics of chemical reactions, especially the catalytic oxidation of hydrogen on platinum, the very first catalytic reaction in the history. The observed oscillating chemicurrent signals indicate that the system undergoes transitions between several stable states, and their dynamical behavior is absolutely nonlinear. Therefore, we propose a reaction mechanism and use numerical simulation to qualitatively reproduce the behavior obtained from experiments. Specifically, we first explore two classic and well-established chemical oscillators where the oscillatory dynamics are similar to our case. A discussion of their dynamics, specifically the potential bifurcation scenario, is provided. With this guidance, a mathematical model is set, and desired dynamic features have been laid out. Furthermore, we map out the stability phase diagram to better understand the dynamics of our proposed model.